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Herman Miller Sayl Review, Plus Warranty Service Experience

This chair may not have the same icon status as some other Herman Miller designs (Aeron), but it still frequently gets screen time in TV and movies. I can’t blame those set designers; this chair makes a statement that few others do in the task chair space. And I always get giddy seeing it.

I moved into a new condo in late 2016. I wanted a modern look with the furnishing. Somehow, things fell into place such that I ended up with a white and red color scheme in the living room. Not too keen on waiting for a custom order from Herman Miller, I happened to find this perfect white and red trim of their Sayl chair on Amazon, sold by a seller named OfficeDesigns. We’ll come back to OfficeDesigns later.

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My Late 2018 Red + White Gaming PC Build

I finished this build in December, and didn’t get around to posting it online until now. It’s a pretty fine looking build, so I decided I must share. The aesthetic took some work. Fitting the self-imposed constraints around the form factor and the color scheme was not an easy task.

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Powering On My Desktop PC Using Alexa And A Raspberry Pi

A few years ago, before setting up my smart home with voice-controlled lights and shades, I used to dream of turning on my gaming PC with a voice command like “battlestation up”, like they say in those action movies. A few days ago, I finally achieved it with a bit of elbow grease (and a clunkier voice command).

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