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Status Audio HD Two Review By A Casual Listener

I wanted a nice pair of headphones to listen to music at work, on a budget of around $100 (because I’m not really an aficionado). Keep in mind that I have never owned a set of quality headphones.

After looking around for a bit, I decided over-ear headphones were for me, since I wanted comfort and quality, and I would be using them at my desk for the most part.

As I often do, I started my research at The Wirecutter, and pretty much decided I’d be getting either Sony’s classic MDR-7506 or Audio Technica’s very popular ATH-M40x. The former seems to be a well-respected model from the 90s, and the latter arguably looks better. Both perform similarly, according to many reviews and online discussions. I was very split between the two.

Eventually, I stumbled upon a YouTube video that compared the MDR-7506 with a couple of Status Audio products. This was the first time I had heard of them. I was enticed by their promise of high-end audio quality at a lower price because of their no-marketing, no celebrity endorsements, direct-to-consumer model. And I decided to give them a chance.

I have used their HD Two headphones extensively for the last three weeks, and here are my thoughts about them.

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How I Got Started With Programming Side Projects

(Since people asked: Sublime Text 3 with “Spacegray Light” from Materialize and the Ubuntu Mono Bold typeface)

Like most of the other students in the computer science program at UC San Diego, I went through a couple of years simply coasting through classes. I had never been good nor bad academically, and my GPA was fairly average. I was enjoying programming classes, with their deliciously challenging assignments; calculus, not so much.

In this non-technical blog post (for a change), I would like to walk through my experience with my open-source projects. Projects which later helped me out immensely in getting internships (including one at Amazon, which turned into a full-time offer).

If you are a current or prospective CS student, hopefully you will leave with some inspiration.

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Python Single-File Script Project Structure And Distribution Through PyPI/pip For Noobs

Python may be known for its ease of use, but making my pet projects available through the simple pip install petprojectinator command has been a whole different experience. The Python Package Index (PyPI) feels like an antiquated repo with longwinded documentation for developers who want to contribute.

This hasn’t changed all that much, but lately, a new site has been in development, and with it, some of the barriers to entry has been removed from the upload process.

This post is intended to be a quick guide for organizing a tiny Python project (not much more than one script) for distribution via PyPI/pip and the new, simpler upload process.

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