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Powering On My Desktop PC Using Alexa And A Raspberry Pi

A few years ago, before setting up my smart home with voice-controlled lights and shades, I used to dream of turning on my gaming PC with a voice command like “battlestation up”, like they say in those action movies. A few days ago, I finally achieved it with a bit of elbow grease (and a clunkier voice command).

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Growing Into Non-Deterministic User Interfaces

I found myself scrolling through the Home section of the YouTube app the other day. I usually go straight to my subscriptions, but I happened to be running dry on subscription videos. So I decided to browse through what the YouTube algorithms had to recommend for me, and also through the trending list that day.

As I was scrolling through, I noticed a widget. It contained three video thumbnails from the same channel, placed horizontally, and it was labeled “Rising Creator”. I had never seen this widget before. I scrolled past it.

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Seeding Torrents Using Transmission CLI

I set up a Raspberry Pi 3 for some smart home projects that have been swimming around in my head lately. I figured I could put this always-on computer to some good use at the same time and contribute to torrent swarms for some Linux distros and other open source projects. I’ve got a no-cap Internet connection lying around doing nothing when I’m at work.

I wanted a torrent client that I could use completely on the command line, run as a daemon of some sort. I ended up using Transmission. It’s a great, easy to use torrent client; unfortunately, there is a lack of decent documentation around it. This post exists as a quick and dirty overview guide for people who want to torrent entirely from the command line (using Transmission).

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