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Analyzing A Decade's Worth Of My Movie Ratings

As we have established, I have rated over a thousand movies on IMDb thus far. At the time of this writing, it’s a treasure trove of data over a decade in the making. I’ve had many ideas to find interesting patterns in it.

I decided to poke and prod at an exported copy. IMDb’s CSV export includes basic data about each title - the IMDb user rating, release date etc. To get the real juicy info, I had to cross-reference it with full IMDb datasets. I finally had an excuse to put my Rackfocus project to good use. It’s a little Python command line utility (install using pip install rackfocus) to pull freely available IMDb datasets and organize them into convenient SQLite tables.

Here are some interesting finds from my own ratings. If you too have a trove of ratings on IMDb and want to run these (and more) analyses yourself, skip to the end for instructions.

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On Thor's Lifespan

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe chugs along building an increasingly complex story comprising of episodic movies and dozens of seasons’ worth of TV series, I often find myself nitpicking some of the littler details in the franchise. This is a big compliment, by the way. The fact that the fandom, including myself, frequently discusses these things goes to say how air tight (though not 100%) and entertaining the continuity has been so far.

One of those nitpicks has to do with the way characters with very long lifespans are portrayed in the MCU, and generally in fiction.

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Alien: Isolation - Distant Sequel Perfection

Earlier this year, I played through Alien: Isolation, a very well regarded horror game set in the universe originally created for the Alien film franchise. Horror isn’t my favorite genre, so I had mixed feelings about the experience as I was playing through it. Looking back, I have some very good things to say about it, but in a different context.

Important context: I played this game on the second-hardest difficulty level. I get the feeling that difficulty levels in Alien: Isolation change the gameplay experience quite a bit.

This post is spoiler-free.

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The Complex Nature Of Film Ratings

Movie ratings are complicated.

Is The Shawshank Redemption better than Inception? At the time of writing, that’s what their respective IMDb user ratings suggest. The former ranks #1 on IMDb’s top film charts (and has been for years), while the latter is a bit lower down, but squarely in the top 20.

How exactly does Crazy, Stupid, Love compare? Is it wrong to enjoy or appreciate the three in a different ranking?

Can movies be objectively good or bad, or better and worse than each other?

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Introducing Antriksh's (Film) Blog

In the last 8 or so years, I have watched and rated at least 1001 films* on IMDb. This covers all my movie-viewing experience to date since about the age of 16, maybe 17. In this time, the thought of writing down movie reviews, perhaps loose thoughts… something, has crossed my mind more than once. Usually, my internal counter argument was that it was too late to start now, that it would always feel somehow incomplete not having a written record of all these years.

Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20. I have grown to enjoy writing more than I ever have, over the last couple of years. And I figured 1001-movies-rated milestone was as good a time as any to embark on this journey.

My other concern was all this becoming a chore. That’s still a concern, honestly. And I’ll need to plan around it. I’ll try my best to pick and choose topics that don’t force me into a schedule, and I should be fine.

I’m getting into this without a solid plan. But at the moment, I feel confident about two things:

  1. This will be a collection of essays.
  2. Proper movie reviews will likely be uncommon.

At the time of this writing, I have genuinely just finished watching (and rating) 1001 movie titles on IMDb, but because I am unsure how far this will go, I am unlikely to publish this until I have at least one or two essays ready to go.

Just to etch this in stone somewhere:

Film 997: Frozen II
Film 998: Onward
Film 999: Toy Story 4
Film 1000: 2001: A Space Odyssey
Film 1001: Hamilton

* Feature films. Except any I may have genuinely forgotten to rate, but there are likely only a handful of those.

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